Snacking Up Without Fear Weight Gain Up, Consume 6 Snacks It!

Although dieting, that does not mean you are forbidden to snack. 6 types of snacks is safe for you who want to eat good but still slim body.

To support the ideal weight, some snacks such as yogurt, beans, roasted beans to pea soup can help you. Recommend 6 foods that can still you can consume while undergoing a diet program. What are the foods?

1. Greek yogurt

Not all yogurt is healthy, choose greek yogurt that has low sugar content and does not use artificial sweeteners. Greek yogurt contains high protein and calcium, making this a healthy snack consumed for you who are losing weight.

One way of healthy snacking is to mix cinnamon or ginger powder to add flavor. In addition, this combination can control your blood pressure and eating nafus. One cup or equivalent of 100 grams of greek yogurt contains 59 calories.

2. Nuts

Research suggests for consumption of nuts to taste, because nuts can help you lose weight. Beans that contain fiber and protein can balance the fat in the body. In addition to losing weight, nuts are also said to reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent some types of cancer and depression. 100 grams of nuts contain 359 calories.

3. Roast beans

Are you one of the crisp food buffs? If so, do not immediately plan the consumption of a packet of chips. Try changing your chips with roasted beans. Beans suitable to eat let alone be made a salad. Nyam!

The benefits of beans are also very numerous, in addition to being rich in green beans contain enough protein and minerals. One cup of beans gives you half of your body’s needs every day.

A study also proves that someone who is given half a cup of beans every day will consume fewer calories. You can bake beans with olive oil and be given salt and pepper. 100 grams of beans is known to have 364 calories.

4. Banana with peanut butter

This yellow fruit gives you carbohydrates and fiber that can help relieve constipation. By adding a teaspoon of peanut butter into it will give you a protein that can keep you full longer. One banana with one teaspoon of peanut butter has 137 calories.

5. Peanut Soup

One cup of pea soup has 137 calories. Nuts are very nutritious because they contain iron, vitamin B, protein, fiber and polynutrien. Polynutrients are useful plant compounds. In addition peanuts are also rich in antioxidants and are also the cheapest source of protein.

6. Protein bars

Protein bars are the most easy to carry wherever you go. But make sure you do not chew sweet candy, yeah. Choose a protein bar that has 300 calories or less.

Protein bars have high-quality protein derived from animal or soy products. They also give you an essential amino acid that helps you build muscle mass.

Protein bars are one of the ideal snacks if you are experiencing weight loss because they are low in calories and high in protein. They keep you full longer and prevent you from eating unnecessary food.

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